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Registering my assemblies


I would like to build an SDK that my coworkers could use. I have built some assemblies and would like to wrap them up in an install to deploy them such that the user can add references to them directly from the .Net tab of the “Add Reference” dialog. I have searched around and had no luck finding an example for .Net Micro Framework assemblies. Does anyone know of an example I could follow?




Read about Global Assembly Cache (GAC).


Thanks Architect.

That was my first approach. But I can not add an assembly to the GAC if it does not have a strong name. Since my assembly relies on the GHI SDK assemblies, and they do not have a strong name, I am out of luck there. I also checked the GAC and verified that none of the GHI assemblies show up there.

I can only assume that there is some sort of alternate registration process for micro framework assemblies that puts them into the micro framework version of the GAC.


You can add the assemblies path in the registry under NETMF. Visual studio will find them.


Must be this one:


Thanks Guys!

That was just what I needed. I added a registery key to the .NetMicroFramework’s AssemblyFlodersEx node (HKLM\Software\Microsoft.NETMicroFramework\v4.1\AssemblyFoldersEx), in my Setup project. I then assigned a Default value of [TARGETDIR]. Now my assemblies show up in the list just as I expected.

I really appriciate your help.

Thanks again,