Register Access

I have a project with G120 in which I use register access. I would like to have the same feature in TinyCLR.
How can I access registers in TinyCLR 2 with SITCore modules?

Access registers to do what?

I use counters to make a frequency meter

Have I been discussing this with you over emails or someone else?

definitely not with me

That is very strange! I am having the same discussion with someone about this very thing! We are talking about it now and seeing what API we should add so you can use timers/counters from C#. You should not need to go to registers or read datasheets at all.

Do you also have 1Mhz reference clock?

maybe with my colleague

I checked with my colleague - he is discussion with you

it’s good…

High-Resolution Timer is not available via registers. Will you open access to it?

We are now adding a new class called PulseCounter. You can give it time and it counts pulses in that specific time or give it pulse count and it returns the time it took to run the count you specified.

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We will open it: Open HiRes Timer register · Issue #696 · ghi-electronics/TinyCLR-Libraries · GitHub

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Hopefully, it can be a non-blocking API with callback when complete?

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Does “Register Access” need to be non-blocking?

If we are taking about PulseCounter, then yes, it will be non-blocking.

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Correct just accessing registers doesn’t need to be. I was referring to the new PulseCounter functions Gus mentioned.