Regarding simple debug to Display T35 thread (

I am trying to use the code in the thread to display output on the T35 display and ran into a problem. In the example program, it says:

     debugLCD = new DebugLCD(display);

but doesn’t declare “display” anywhere. So, I create it with:

       Display_T35 display = null;

hoping that (I’m new to this stuff) the class will use/return a thing called display. Well, as you can guess, no such luck. I just get a null exception.

How do I create a Display_T35 object called display? I’d guess:

 DIsplay_T35 display = new DIsplay_T35(<stuff>) 

but I thought/hoped that this was what the libraries would do for me.



In Designer view your module has a name under modules image. That is what you need to use. Like display_T35 in the image below:

Thanks. I’m slowly learning the interface and tools. I found, for example, I could rename the display_T35 module by changing its properties when highlighted (much like hitting F1 when the module is highlighted).

I still haven’t found out much about the wifi module, though… pointers always welcome in exchange for virtual beer. (You’re a little far away (I’m in Texas) to bring a beer to you… :-))


Well, resolved the exceptions. THe code now is:

wifi.Interface.StartAdHocHost(“MyNet”, GHI.Premium.New.SecurityMode.Open, “”, 6);

and, it indicates that is up, but I’m not seeing it from other devices.

Any hints?

Lets continue in the thread you have opened for Wifi module questions :wink:

Whoops. Yes, thanks.