Refrense materials for RLP Extension

Where can I find details on the RLP Extension library?

I saw some references to it in the “RLP Realtime Audio Recording”, which got me intrigued. I searched a few times already through the forum and the wiki. There are a couple of mentioning of RLP Extension, but neither of them lead me to any reference documentation.

I am starting my first USBizi project. I would like to understand all the aspects of CLR, RLP,and its extensions before making important design decisions.


See premium library reference undermentioned on the support page.

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Also from top of page:

Support->NETMF Tutorials->Native Code/RLP

Thank you Mike and Gus for your prompt replies and the greeting :slight_smile:

I did look through those materials and I found all the details about the GHI Electronics NETMF library for .NET Micro Framework, but this is not what I was looking for specifically.
The tutorials also has a few references to the RLP extensions. Particularly there are some samples of calling


on the native side.

But I would like to se the complete list of the functions the RLP Extension provide for native programming.
I might just jumping over the link somewhere without noticing it…

Could you please point tme to it then .


I have not worked with RLP, but I think you will find what you are looking for in the RLP header file(s).


Please see my first reply. They must be in the library reference.

Yes, right - found i!.

It is indeed in the references materials Gus mentioned it his reply. The link Mike provided is his reply just goes directly to the needed page.

Pehaps I was not expeted to see this info in the .NET Frameform documentation and I was skipping over.

Thank you for your help -I have everything I needed to get moving now.