Reflow ovens

Is this;

The same as;

I’ve watched a few vids on these, they seem to do the job ok.
Anyone here tried these?
Is it plausible to do 10mil pitch ICs with home brew like this?
(Going to order metal stencils offshore)

They look the same…
I would also be intetested to hear first hand feedback as some reviews are good some bad.
I guess you get what you pay for and if you don’t mind a few rough edges then its probably fine.
One ad I have seen for one on eBay had pictures with a big dent in the front for a new item :smiley:

Build you own Reflow oven :wink:


  • a cheap small kitchen oven
  • a SSR (to control the heater)
  • a Thermocouple (to measure the temp)
  • an LCD (to set your temp or reflow cycles)
  • and whatever GHI board you like

It’s i lot more fun, and you can program your own (and multiple) reflow cycles.


I’ve been looking for a cheap IR and can’t seem to find one…
Seems the black and decker that looks the flavour of the month is 110v only…
Any recommendation…

I was just reading over at sparkfun; they built their own. But what worked the best was just a skillet.

Here’s a lot to read on a home-build reflow oven: » Reflow » JeeLabs

Have fun

@ twospoons

We had a similar discussion at this thread very recently:

I based my oven on this design and DL40 (still tweaking it)

@ Architect - how has the cooking been going?

@ EriSan500 (Eric) - ta

@ Justin - Tweaking the oven at the moment. Hopefully will be happy how profile is followed tonight and then will try it in action.

@ Architect - good luck and dont forget the final result pickies :wink:

@ twospoons,

I just bought this one and its on the way.

If i remember i will let you know how it works.

I also bought this, and received it and its great.

Have been hovering over the buy now on one of these - very interested to see how you get on with it

Well i got my T962 oven in today.
I am one of those types where i open the box plug it in and when something goes wrong then i read the manual :wink:
As you can see from the first board try.

Then i read the manual after clearing the smoke from the room. Put some paste down, selected the correct temp curve this time and tried it again. Seems to work pretty good.
Would i recommend the unit… not quite sure just yet. I just ordered one of these and i would like to try it first before i settle on one.

@ jdal - Thanks for the images :slight_smile:
Pros and cons?
If it does Gadgeteer sockets ok then i might get one…

ya can do those sockets by hand ya mug. C’mon, even I can !

Yeah well I upgraded my $5 iron and should get it today or tomorrow…

I appreciate overkill as much as the next guy, believe me, but that poor $5 soldering iron ! You know it was up to the task too - you probably just needed a new $7.50 tip !

@ Brett - Yeah but i want new shiny toys :slight_smile:
Just got my 32swg solder in the mail…man it’s skinnier than a super model :smiley:

@ Justin,

The pros:

is it comes pre configured with 8 temp ramps for different kinds of solder pasted which is good.
Turns out it had the exact ramp for the one i bought.
Unlike home build ovens converted to this purpose you have a more stable environment to bake boards with.
Cooling fan to cool down boards after work complete.
Manual override, where you can turn on/off lamp & fan
Solid steel construction, not some cheap box. very good build quality.

The Cons:

The button feedback is rather slow. Some times you have to press it for more than a second before it does anything.
It’s not a deal breaker, but sometimes you press it and it gets it right away and other times it does not.

Thats really it.