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Referral/afilliate system


I realise that Josh is up to his eyeballs in things to do right now, but this is one for the future.

I’d like a system where users can get an affiliate code and then use it in a URL to refer people to the tinyclr shop. If the user buys something from the TinyCLR shop then they get 5/10/whatever% of the sale credited to their account. This could either be turned into:
a) “member money” for purchasing items in the store
b) cold hard cash - electronic transfer to bank account/paypal/cheque.
c) experience points

Think of the Amazon affiliate system, or any other system that offers users reward for encouraging users to buy.

This would be great to link to FEZ from a personal site/blog with your projects/tutorials/videos/whatever on to encourage users who find your cool stuff to go and buy the same hardware - allowing you to buy more hardware too so you can keep bloggin/making cool stuff/writing tutorials on new things… starting the whole beautiful cycle over again.


Can be done


I like this. I would definitely link to TinyCLR on my blog.


Chris I bet you already do :wink:


Yeah, I have said enough about them that I probably have, :D. One of the biggest tags on my blog is “FEZ Domino”.


And that’s perfect, keep it that way :smiley:


I think what Chris means is, it would be nice to link to fez and get money for it to fund his terrible addiction :wink:


Hahah, yes Mark, that is exactly it. I write at least one blog post a dfay which gets posted to Twitter and Facebook. It’d be nice I could work my way to to a Rhino with that amount of writing :wink: