Redeem rewards rules

How is the rewards discount applied, is this just on 1 device or can i buy a complete gadgeteer collection, or can i buy a 1000 raptors or cobra’s with x% discount? :wink:

It applies to your shopping cart as long as it contains only eligible items.

So at 50% this makes a good deal if i compare this to my local supplier pricings… :whistle:

There is no 50% coupon. Unless your shopping cart is $100 and you are using $50 off coupon. Shipping cost applies after the discount, fyi.

ok, i see now, 20% or 50$, but then it’s still 20% on the complete order?
In this case the advantage is maybe to ignore…

Yes, 20% on the complete order.

Your cart can consist of eligible and non-eligible products (this is no longer a problem). Discounts only apply to products within Gadgeteering and Fun Engineering categories.

Oh yes. I remember now, it has been brought up before. Even better.

Some quick calculations (and a look at “Architect’s” redeeming habit) tells me that the best opportunity is buying gadgeteer stuff with a price just at 50$+ and get the 50$ discount and just pay the shipping costs, right?

For the 20% discount at higher volumes i will get a better price at my local supplier.

If you are super active like architect, you can simply buy anything you want for free, almost :slight_smile: just pay shipping!

:think:, but then i have no time left to do my programming… and we all need some fun no?

Thanks all for the clarifications.

That only works if your inside the us. International shipping and import duty takes its toll :frowning:

So if your invoice show you paid $1 total after the coupon, you will still pay duty fee?

VAT on 1$ + shipping, same as on samples…

That is a very generous of GHI to offer this program.

Let’s say it’s a teaser approach that’s works :wink:
The decider get’s new “toy’s” and is happy…

I thought it was on the value of the goods coming into the UK not what is on the invoice. I will have to check. If its on the invoice price then Ive been a dimwit (again)…

I checked again and for Belgium there is a fixed cost of 12€ if the “value” is bellow 150€ and value is not the invoiced value but the real world value.