Red-Gate .NET Reflector

Speaking of cool toys, the Red-Gate reflector is nice to play with, seems to work fine with micro framework assemblies.

available from

I believe this stuff came from Lutz Roeder originally

Yes, it’s came from Lutz Roeder. I’m using quite often this tool, really nice to see someone coding style and technique…

This is one of my favorites. The other one is EQATEC Profiler.

Used it for school before, works absolutely fine. 8)

Even if you reflect an assembly, its not really the code the programmer wrote. It’s just a best guess at the originating code based upon the IL assembly. This holds doubly true if the project file has the “Optimize Code” option checked.

A nifty feature is the ability to view disassembled code as pure IL, C#, VB.NET, and more recently F#. Its really nice if your trying to learn F# or implement F# technique in C#.