Recommended Microcontroller for Robotics competition

Hello Guys,
I am in grade 9 now and in a few days we will be starting our skills robotics. It is a huge competition which is held at a university. “The core game concept is gathering your assigned colour pallets and delivering these pallets into a shared resource: ‘The Loading Dock”. The recommend electronic parts are:

[ul]electronic speed controllers 
RC transmitter / receiver
servo motors
batteries 
PLC unit and interface 

There is also a very specific rule on the radio that can be used.
[ol]All teams must use 2.4 GHz non crystal radios.
Only six channels of a single RC radio / single receiver set can be used.
Robots may not transmit information on a signal of any type to ‘off the robot devices. [/ol]

I am trying to decide between the FEZ Cerberus, FEZ Cerbuino Bee or the G120HDR. The competition is May 6 and 7 at the University of Waterloo. You can find more information about it at the following url:

I would go with Cerbuino Bee.

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Agree with Architect…for a robot, Cerbuino Bee makes a compelling case, since you can use Gadgeteer Modules, or just use the analog and digital pins (or both). Inexpensive and flexible, plus it has the power jack right on the board (Cerberus, you’d need either a USB Client SP or DP module).

The bee is my current all-around favorite board…only thing I’d change on it is maybe to add 3 more sockets and enough RAM to use the T35e display.

Thanks for the help guys.

Does this mean you can use arduino compatible shields with this board out -the-box? i’ve got a ton of those as well and would be nice…

Correct, you should be able to use most of them.

Thanks. are there any modules that allow adding additional sockets (perhaps daisy-chaining)? (i’m not seeing any in the catalog)

There are a few – DL40 (allowing you can make your own daisy chained module), there’s a couple LEDs that allow daisy chaining.

What modules do you need/are looking for?

sensory overload…
In the current bot i have there are 2 gp2d12 sensors on the front L/R corners , and gp2d120 sitting on a servo in the center-front so the bot can determine the longest distance to its left or right w/o an obstacles after it is front-blocked by rotating the servo left then right. it also has a pir that attempts to distinguish ‘humans’ from inanimate objects. and finally there is xbee pro on module (which i see this board already supports) and the motor controller+encoder. I’d like to replace the board with a gadgeteer board and use gadgeteer modules where available. i’d also like to add a camera/video…

One of the forum members (GMod) is working on a (I think) 48 analog input board. (see here:

GHI may also have an analog input board coming soon.