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I picked up one of these ACS711EX Current Sensor Carrier -15.5A to +15.5A ( Pololu - ACS711LC Current Sensor Carrier -12.5A to +12.5A ) to play with and banging out a driver should be simple enough (even with an interrupt on over current cases) but I’m wondering what kind of connector would be recommended to attaching the wire from which I want to measure the current. Something simple quick and safe, like is there a something like those screw down terminal blocks but in one’s so I could have one on either side (big enough to say connect an extension cord to)? Sometimes it seems like you could spend a life time surfing through parts catalogs and not find the solution you want.


Why not use screw down crimp connectors like they show on that same page? You can get those at any hardware store.

Also, have you compared this to the GHI ACS712 module? My bet is that the driver for it might work for this.

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[quote=“ianlee74”]Why not use screw down crimp connectors like they show on that same page? You can get those at any hardware store.[/quote]True, but they leave the connection unprotected which means I’m going to end up with curly hair (what little I have left) at some time when I accidently touch them so I’m looking for something better like what is on the GHI Current ACS712 Module.

While both are Analog, there an interesting difference (but also let me add that I have a number of the GHI modules and they have worked well for me) in that the ACS711 has a fault pin that I was thinking I could use to raise an interrupt in a over current case. The other thing I’m interested in is the ACS712 requires a 5v supply which is interesting (makes me wonder about the voltage on the analog pin in some cases), whereas the ACS711 is happy to use 3.3v. Perhaps if I build a driver etc for this module and it tests out OK, maybe we can get GHI to upgrade their current module to use the ACS711KEX chip which certainly looks like it might be cheaper to assemble (fewer other components) and given the price on their existing current module is pretty much untouchable compared to what I want prices out to ( I can’t build a comparable module for $8 like GHI’s module), maybe a win win for everyone?

Also I might be turning into a driver addict and when I ordered motors etc from Pololu for my upcoming robotics labs I just couldn’t help getting a couple of breakout boards to try.

What about these binding posts you see on bench power supplies.

You can use 4mm banana plugs to connect to them. At least then you have something with plastic protection if you arrange the underside to be insulated and out of reach of fingers.

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