Recommendations for a Luggage Cart

OK I’m going to admit it, I’m getting a little older (or at least my back is) and carrying around that box of Gadgeteer class projects needs to go, so could anyone recommend one of those nice lite weight foldable luggage carts? Needs to be big enough to carry a large Rubbermaid box full of Gadgeteer kits.

How about this?

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@ Mike I like this one

Comes in red too

@ Architect - too small to get all the kits and stuff in it.

Might have to get one of these

Ok. Looks like a good choice. :slight_smile:

I use this to cart R2 around. Currently on the web it is $117, but you can find them on sale for about $100 or less from time to time.

Hybrid Hand Truck
3-way convertible
2 or 4 wheel truck, or 4 wheel cart
Heavy duty swivel casters
Flat-free tires
1 or 2 hand operation
Maximum Capacity: 1,000 lbs
Aluminum and steel construction

Or if you want to go “green”

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@ Duke Nukem - This is what I use (though I got mine at Costco, and this one seems to be an updated model):

Upside: Folds very flat, so it’s easy to transport.

Downside: Over time, the folding wheels have gotten less cooperative. When I first bought it, I could just pull down on the tongue, and the wheels would easily flip out. Now, I sometimes have to pull them out by hand. May just need some additional lubrication.

Has served me well for several years and lots of events.

You can’t go wrong with Pelican cases. They’ll last forever and can be checked as luggage for flying.

Pelican cages are good for pelicans, but not so good for luggage.

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@ mtylerjr -
That’s case not [em]cage[/em]. They are used by many photographers.


My bad.

@ mtylerjr -
Do you think the Pelican could be trained to carry the gear?

throw a fish into the case and then no problem

I have three rolling totes similar to this one that I got at either Target or Lowes. They’re easy to roll around and when I get home I can stack them all on top of each other in the garage. Fortunately, I rarely need to take more than two at a time anywhere.

Flatulence could be an issue with the whole “green” idea.

Just make sure the ass is behind you. :open_mouth:


In which namespace is that class located?

I would assume WS.Services.Faults.OutputExceptions