Recommendation on XBee library

Anyone has a recommendation for a lightweight XBee library?

I know MFToolkit has an implementation but I would like to see (lighter) alternatives. What’s up with the XBee class in the Gadgeteer sources? I didn’t seem to find the implementation, just a class that configures a serial port, is it a work in progress?

Thanks in advance.

Gralin and ransomhall were working on one I think.

yep and here is the link:

I don’t think you’ll find what Gralin and I (to a much lesser extent) did “lightweight”, but it is an awesome piece of work. Series 2 is done, and Series 1 is 80% there. I owe the community an implementation of the XBee WiFi component. Otherwise, “she’s all there”. The plan is (or was) to eventually migrate this into the gadgeteer source for GHI’s XBee module, but that effort seems to have stalled.

Dear ransomhall:

I have order 4 FEZ Cerbuino Bee and 2 spider last week. So I have 4 FEZ Cerbuino Bee, 3 spider, 2 domimo, 1 ChipworkX now.
I also have 10 Xbee Pro S1. Now, I can test you and Gralin’s XBee library. Could you let me know when your xbee s1 library is done?