Recommendation on multimeter

I am looking for a good multimeter capable of measuring wide range of capacitors, ESR, etc.
Basically looking for the best out there. Right now I have generic RadioShack unit and it was enough so far. Now I need something more “advanced”.

This is related to my attempts to fix the TV, I have posted earlier. I would like to identify bad caps if any on that board (preferably without desoldering them first) .

Any advises/tips are welcome!


I’m about to buy a new multimeter too. My next one will definitely be a Fluke, because they have a very good reputation here in Belgium.

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I’ve also heard that Fluke is hands down the best.

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Impossible to go wrong with a Fluke, as long as your budget allows it.

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@ Architect

Fluke is hands down one of the best meters out there. Can take allot of abuse as well.

But honestly, almost any meter today are very accurate. If your looking to get down to 0.001 then go with fluke. Otherwise most El-cheapos work just fine.
In my entire working career i have only NEEDED to use the fluke a few times. Most of the time i just use my china meter that i got for $25 which has been more than accurate enough for all things.

IMHO people get to wrapped up in the accuracy of a meter. If you not having them calibrated once per year, there really is no point in a high priced meter.

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I have no problem with accuracy I am looking more for a “richer” feature set in addition to the standard Resitance/Voltage/Current.

Researching Fluke…

the Uni-t range are quite good and you can get pretty cheap too.

This one looks quite nice Review - UNI-T UT81B Scope / Meter | diyAudio as its a scope meter with opto isolated USB to allow you to hook it up to the PC.
Ive got a Uni-t 60a but its an older model and has an opto isolated RS232 and some basic software (i managed to persuade it to run with win 7) but the meter is good and easy to use.

What additional features are you looking for, specifically?

For basic DMM stuff, I’ve been quite happy with my Extech EX210, which was recommended by @ swestcott in his “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Electronics 101” book.


That, I don’t think the EX210 supports. At least not that I’m aware of.

Good to see others are using Uni-T here. I’m about to buy a UT71D

I have been using Triplett meters for years. I recently bought one of these for my lab at the university:

They are very good and relatively inexpensive meters. Flukes are good but you pay a LOT for the name.

No kidding here.

I have several multimeters including Flukes, the Extech EX330 works as well.

I use a Fluke for day-to-day work, been through a lot with it over the years, it is solid and extremely reliable.

But I just bought one of these two days ago. Only $99, lots of features, and specifically Wireless USB connection.

I specifically wanted the wireless connection, after working on tiny devices using sewing needles for probes I don’t to jog my hands when lifting my head to read a display, and I plan to add test-to-speech software to get around this.

The meter comes with its own software, pretty basic, gives you a big display, graphs, logged data at various periods and the ability to save. However the Wireless USB is pretty simple, a Silicon Labs UART bridge at the PC end, it pops up as a COM port at 2400bps, spitting out 19-byte packets containing info such as current mode and reading.
I just need to decode that, wrap it in a few smarts (hysteresis on reading out values so it doesn’t drive me mad, limits, etc) and add voice, and I should be in business!

David, welcome - yay, another aussie ! :slight_smile:

I only have one of Jaycar’s dodgy older DMMs (QM1538), with RS232 out over a wire.

@ Brett - quick get the fly spray out - there breeding! Good to see another southern cousin joining the cult :slight_smile:

[quote=“C-Born”]But I just bought one of these two days ago. Only $99, lots of features, and specifically Wireless USB connection.

@ C-Born, I can see where the wireless USB feature would be really nice. I haven’t seen that before. Now you have me wanting to upgrade my $25 DMM. Thanks…alot… :wink: If only it had the capacitance checker that Architect is seeking.

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Fluke. Not cheap, but fast and accurate. They go on sale sometimes mine came with a bonus IR temp ‘gun’.

I just watched the $100 multimeter shootout: EEVblog #99 – $100 Multimeter Shootout – Extech Amprobe BK Precision Ideal UEi Uni-T PART 1of2 – EEVblog

I’m pretty sold on the BK Precision meter. I believe I’ll pick one up. The very fast autoranging and small size are big plusses.

It does cap measurements as well, and has an auto-discharge function.

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