Recommendation for other WiFi module

Hi All,
Pardon if this is a simple question, but we are developing a new product with WiFi and the ATWINC is out of stock everywhere until next summer. We’re hoping to put this particular product in production sooner than that, does anyone else have any recommendations for a different chip that is on par performance and would be easy to implement into TinyCLR? it’s relatively overwhelming with the options out there - I found Gus’s video but it seems to be pretty outdated. I’m relatively new to this so any assitance or recommendations would be helpful.

Ive been looking at either the Espressif ESP32 or the Silicon Labs WF200SD. does anyone have any experience with these chips?

I have never worked with this WiFi module but it does support a PPP interface over UART. U-Blox ODIN-W2,

TinyCLR supports PPP so it might work without too much hassle.

Of course, availability might be a different issue.

Thanks for this - ordinarily i would say it looks promising but they’re very expensive and seem to be out of stock. I might keep these in my back pocket for my own projects though… :smirk:

It also looks like the Odin series might be disconnected. I think the Nina-W10 series also supports PPP but I am not sure.

If you want to do WiFi properly and securely then WINC is the way to go. We have put a lot of work into it. However, you can use any wifi modules with AT commands… or PPP suggested by skeller.

Looks like any project with SITcore and any WINC wifi modules is out of luck until next year. Mouser and Digikey are showing this time next year for stock :cry:

Gus, is there any alternative to the ATWINC1510-MR210UB1954 part that is specified?

ATWINC1500 works just fine and it is what we recommend anyway WiFi

Or just use FEZ Feather in your design :grin:

We are using the ESP-12F modules with a modified version of @mcalsyn 's library, works great.
Just running the latest AT firmware on it, but I brought out all the IO and programming lines on the board so it could be used for other things if required.

(PCB finishes at the top horizontal line so ESP antenna is clear of the board)

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Can you share the code?

@Gus_Issa Most recent code is here (develop branch) with a pull-request on Martin’s repo since last year.
Fixes were only to make it work reliably for us as a client connection however, for a device that periodically wakes, connects, does some transfers and goes back to sleep. We didn’t look at any issues with server mode, OTA upgrades, auto-config,etc.
Tested with latest Espressif AT firmware (Nonos), but should work with older versions going back a way.
Should work with NetMF 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4, was going to do TinyCLR but still don’t have a board.


Oooo! Didn’t see the PR. I will take a look at that shortly. Thanks!

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i used this module (compatible withe ESP8266)

and work pretty pretty well “also better than ESP-01 and ESP8266 variant E12 or F12”
different manuals

@C_Born you should consider this ESP32-C32 (12F version - pin to pin compatible with ESP8266 also it have more memory,flash and bluetooth too) ESP32-C3 series module | 安信可科技 (with AT Commands firmware)

@valon_hoti_gmail_com The ESP-12F modules with new on-board antenna layout work surprisingly well, they pick up more access points than my phone in a walk-around test. I bought a few of the ESP-12E version with the external antenna connector, but haven’t needed to use them. As I’m just using the AT set I don’t really need extra memory, the 4Mbit on the early ones work fine. However each time I buy some they seem to have more memory, last batch had 32Mbit, which I could use if I wanted. And at around $1.60 each delivered I can’t complain about the price!

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