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Received wrong part in the mail


Hello, I have recently ordered 2 USBizi144 chips which is shown on my receipt, we have had them on the shelf for about a month while we were designing the PCB and when we went to solder them on we noticed the chip’s model #'s were LPC2387FBD100 and I believe we should have received LPC2388FBD144. Since are PCB was designed around the 144 pin model we cannot use the 100 pin models.

Is there any way I can get these chips swapped for the ones we have ordered, they are still in the plastic surroundings they were shipped with.



Give them a call and they’ll take care of you. (586) 693-2696


Excellent point, i’ll call them during business hours. Thanks.


Yes please contact GHI directly with your order number and date if known.