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Does the FEZ Domino or Mini have a command that lets it reboot? I have a FEZ Domino that locks up after a few days of running. LCD displays garbage, or the application will just quit working altogether. It is not on just one program, it has been happening over almost all of my long term running programs.

The way I am figuring it, either my code or the NETMF code has memory leaks in it. The code I am writing is not that long, regardless of whatever I am writing. I am figuring that it is simply in the need of a restart. Is there a way to do this?


Rebooting every once in a while via a watchdog is not a fix. It’s a bandaid.

What you really need to do is figure out where the issue is coming from. If you are getting garbage on the LCD, that’s something to go on.


I think in power mode class there is a class to reboot


I have to agree with Chris. Restarting the device seems to be the wrong way to go. Nor you or the guys at GHI should be satisfied with this solution.
Please do some more testing or post the code here. If there is a memory leak it has to be fixed for the gain of all of us.


For the record, a memory leak will not cause an attached device to screw up, like your lcd.


Could it be that your device is power hungry and you do not have enough power for it? Have you tried using powered hub or power supply?


Some other things to concider.

  1. I think a memory leak would give you a OutOfMemory exception first.
    Debug - Use a try/catch and write message to lcd. Attach VS and let run till stop and see where error is.

  2. Could you be overwriting your own buffers or using old buffers? Are you generating your text from some utf8 byte[] or something?

  3. Heat issue?