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could it be possible to add (to the already long list, I know :wink: ) a small “Reason” field when we edit a message ?

It’s always good to know why a post has been edited, I think.


Thanks for the input. Does anyone second this? Required or optional?


99% of the time I edit a posting it is to correct a spelling or missing word.

I vote nay.


Vote : no
As Mike says, most of the time we edit posts to correct spelling.
You can add the reason manually if you want to.

Let’s keep posting FEZ :slight_smile:

Edit: Instead, a nice feature would be to not add the “Last Edit…” message if the post is modified by its author 5 minutes after the creation


I like your suggestion randoom.


I agree with Randoom. good idea Bec, but mostly it’s a grammar reason.


I didn’t expect it to be a “good” idea, only an idea :wink:
I also agree with randoom’s suggestion.

But… please read his last message more carefully : why did he edit it ? :whistle: :smiley:


Ok, there are 2 main reasons the posts are modified: spelling & things we forget.

You could add a “reason” field but don’t make it “required”


Of course it wouldn’t be a required field :hand:


Yes defiantly optional, not required.


I am on NO side.
Because I just don’t want to explain why I couldn’t upload the image when I didn’t loade the proper image file format! :wink:


I’m on the NO side as well.
(Sorry Bec a Fuel)


It doesn’t bother me if you don’t agree on this idea. :hand:

I’m used to bad ideas :-[


No side. Only reason I edit is to correct small stuff.


I second this, if it was optional :slight_smile:


No from here as well.

But what about making some members “moderators”. I often see posts with code not using the code button, and that makes it hard to read the code. btw, i volunteer :wink:


I could volunteer to be mod, too. If that’s some way to earn a second Cobra :o


I personally add my own info in there if I think my edit is worthy of noting - but really the number of times that its necessary is not that big. Optional, sure I can understand it might be valuable to some, but will people use it.


Adding mods could be handy. But adding mods for small things like “someone forgot to use the code button” is overdone.

It’s better that the user gets notified of the code button instead. Otherwise they keep doing it wrong.

I volunteer of course, but I don’t think it’s necessary to have them :slight_smile:


^^^ If people don’t use the code tags I will usually not read their code.