Reason #7 being me is cool ®

Look what Mr DHL dropped off yesterday :smiley:


Have you tried it. What do you think?

@ justin, Thanks for sharing. I didn’t even know about it. Had to pledge for one, just too cool to pass up.

@ Architect - have turned it on, connected to the office wifi is about the sum of it so far.

Will be doing some testing and a write up hopefully by the end of this week.

From the extremely short time I have spent with it it looks very promising.

@ VersaModule - it does look very interesting with lots of possibilities, I just now need to convince them to drop the Atmega and slot in an STM32 so we can stay totally with .Net :smiley:


We need to get something like this with a STM32 on it. Hmm. and I poo pooed this device too. Now I’m jealous. People sure are finicky :-[

So Justin… Have you had some time to play more with it? If so, what is your take on it thus far.