RealTimeClock.SetDateTime(DT); hangs CerbuinoNet 4.3. Any work arounds?

I have a CeruinoNet running 4.3.
I Can read the real time clock but when I try and set it:


It hangs the board. I’ve seen many posts on the topic but no fixes that I could see.

Is there a fix for this?

Maybe due to not having clock or power on vbat? It has been years so I am not sure what circuit was connected. Please check the schematics.

HI Gus,
I’ve tried all the combinations.
Power to VBat yes/no and 32khz crystal + 2x6pf caps to D4/D5 + gnd. yes/no
No. Luck.
I suppose I was wondering if it ever worked? Or was this a defect that was never resolved?
I’ll retest the hardware…

Check your crystal soldering. And, does it return failed after few seconds or hangs forever?

Hi Dat,
I am using a CerbuinoNet board and soldered a 32khz crystal to 2 pin, connected two 6pf to those pins and added a ground lead to the two other ends of the caps.
I then plugged the 2 pins in D3 and D4 and connected the ground wire to ground.
I also have a 3V cr2032 connectedto vbat.

I noticed that the clock never ‘ticks’. Ie. it’s always stuck at midnight.
And when I try and set it, it hangs forever

not thread jacking, but perhaps the xtal is not matching the load caps? See Cerbuino RTC help (the thread went cold after that person went off to buy new xtal and caps)

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I found some old documentation about Cerbuino and RTC. I once ordered the crystal but then never tried to get it working. Perhaps it may help.


Thanks guys, Ill give that a go :slight_smile: