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Realtime clock on Cerberus? How to probe?


Documentation says:

Two questions:

  1. What if it is not working, and you call Realtime.SetDateTime(xxx)? My experience is that it hangs…can I check before the call, or is this unintentionally…

  2. How it is possible for any human being to solder a crystal between two tiny caps 6 mm from the MCU? Any tips and tricks or a realism-score would be great…?


I can solder it blind folded :slight_smile: no really it is not that hard when using a pointy iron.


I think you have started to use that term a little often recently…something going on in the bedroom?


Don’t buy your soldering iron from a plumbers merchant :whistle:


I soldered a crystal on that board, look for 2 little holes on the board (vias) bewteen the processor and the 2 caps. First apply some solder on the crystal legs and then solder them to the holes.

The major problem is that i had to remove those 2 caps because with the crystal, the board started to hang.
According to this post the total capacitance of the two caps should match the capacitance of the crystal. In this case the 2 caps are 14pF and the crystal is 6pF, so something is not right on the documentation… in fact, removing the 2 caps and assuming 5pF for the traces, it matches the capacitance of the crystal…

If you have some, use plenty of flux and a decent iron tip.

After that hard work, i realise that the RTC doesn’t work, it always wake up after 1 minute (see my post, so good luck and let me know if you make it work.