Realtime 3D Microwave camera

This is one of the coolest things I have had the opportunity to work on here on campus. I just made the mechanical parts, the real gee-whiz stuff was done by folks much smarter than me.


Special thanks to Mr. Jeffery Brit :clap: Is that 8020 profile?

The legs and short sides are 80/20. I’m designing/3D printing a plastic case at the moment so the 80/20 is going away. It is great stuff for projects like this as it lets you build and add things rapidly.

Pretty cool. What frequency is that running at? Looks like 10GHz+

I’d be really interested to see where they take this. Some way of enhancing the depth of field seems like the next logical step.

what would a bag of microwave popcorn look like?

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NETMF powered? :wink: