Really Aron?!?!?!?!

So I tell Aron that he is doing a great job and as a reward we are going to fly him out to the Bay Area Maker Faire on a secret mission. And what does he say? It’s not “Thank you” or “That’s awesome”! He says “but that’s my birthday”! :naughty: What has happened with today’s generation? Have they been corrupted with the “everyone gets a trophy” Syndrome? Please stop by to shake your finger at him.

Please beware he will say he meant innocently! :smiley:

@ Gary - Perhaps he didn’t realize you meant it as a birthday present? :think:

@ devhammer - You right, perhaps instead of rewarding him for his awesome hard work, I should have rewarded him for being born.

Those are for private parties only! :whistle:

@ Gary - ???

you should’ve mention the included FREE voucher to that famous strip club in the bay area :whistle:

That’s for me only so “ssssshhhhhh”

@ Jay Jay - I think Aron would prefer the other meat… a nicely cooked prime cut steak :slight_smile:

Everybody knows that secret agents always get the day off for their birthday

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@ Aron - :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:

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@ Aron - :naughty:

@ Gary - If you need a stand-in for @ Aron, I’m available :smiley:

No one offered to fly -me- out there. And I really need to go, too.

Pay for my ticket and I’ll bring the Pukeko kebabs.