Real World Environmental Monitoring

Hi everyone,

Here’s some links to a project I put together over the past couple of days… thought you might be interested to see Gadgeteer talking to a service hosted in Windows Azure.

First article describing the project:

Second article showing videos of the project in action:




Nice work.

Love the number of decimal places! :stuck_out_tongue:

Using Biztalk for that is like using a Maverick missile to kill a chicken. :snooty:

Make a good bang tho :smiley:

Great project

@ njbuch - great analogy :smiley:

I don’t know that I would want to use .NetMF to kill a chicken.

That would be like using a {insert big funny thing} to kill a {insert little funny thing}.

That would be like using a matrix LED module as a power on indicator.

That would be like using a CP7 module as a push button.

(I make myself laugh)

But, seriously, I don’t think I would use a Fez Raptor to kill a chicken.

It was biztalk being the missile - not netmf nor gadgeteer…

mine was about killing chickens with big technologies