Real Time Video (no image Processing)

It is possible at this time ? (Spider or Hydra)

I mean somthing like

Not possible on anything less than 1000mhz.

Old Skype versions work on 400 Mhz (it is)
For show videostream need 300…500 Mhz+ but for transit stream from cam to ethernet - this is no need.

Sorry I think you’re missing the point.

Skype or similar is using a PC architecture that has much different architecture than a Spider or Hydra. There’s umpteen support chips in a PC, specialised comms, and lots of bandwidth (relatively speaking). In contrast you have a simple processor with general IO connections that you’re able to use for a multitude of purposes, but they aren’t suited to every task, and high throughput and video isn’t one.

Also exists HW encoders

Great, go use one of those.

What is your intended use ? Seriously you aren’t going to achieve this in a general architecture.

Comparing 400mhz pc with a 400mhz embedded chip is a bad idea :wink: still, your device is not even 400mhz.

Encoding MPEG4 is very complex, even for a pc. There is a reason why some chips are specifically made for this.