Real Time clock

Good afternoon guys, I have a problem with my RTC application. Basically my problem is that I don´t have GHI.Processor. I already read the forums and tried to do what said there but not succesful outcome. I´m working with the latest version, SDK v3 (released 19 october 2014 if I´m not wrong). I already checked in my GHI NETMF V4.3 folder and there is not such dll as GHI.Processor. I also checked in GHI NETMF V4.2 folder but it is not there either. Have anyone succesfully implemented an RTC application with the g120 module?

Thank you in advanced for your time.

@ Miguel - GHI.Processor is inside the GHI.Hardware assembly.

Hi john, thanks a lot for your prompt reply, that was the problem :).

@ Miguel - Happy to help