Reading NFC Tags on a PC with Gadgeteer Module

Simple with a Gadgeteer module :slight_smile:


Nice one, serial link to the pc?


Stop teasing us and give us more details please :slight_smile:

Boards should be here on Monday…No more yellow wires :wink:

Nice! Let’s see an example of it running on a Gadgeteer mainboard.

I bought a kegerator yesterday and am planning to “upgrade” it :slight_smile: I was thinking of trying one of the fingerprint modules but this would be a good alternative. Sign me up!

It already does…waiting for final Guicci Black boards and thinking of a suitable demo…
Write to Tag with Gadgeteer and read on Win8 phone?

I Googled "kegerator " - and now i can see why you need some security esp with teenagers in the house!

An NFC wrist band would work well :wink:

Cool. I didn’t know you could write to NFC tags. I thought they were just an ID. How much data can they hold?

They come in different sizes. I have some 1K and 4K cards lying around here. Look for Mifare 13.56Mhz ones. There are also lower freq 125Khz ones out there too. NFC seems to use the higher freq cards.

If you have an Android phone with NFC, you can download an app from NXP that can write data to the card. I keep one in my wallet with all my contact numbers and address etc. If anyone wants my contact details and they have an NFC equipped phone, just get them to scan the card. :slight_smile:

Since Ian has a Nokia…

I use NFC Tag Writer on the phone, with it like Dave mentioned you can write Contacts, SMS, Phone URI etc to the tags.

Only issue with Win8 is you need to have the Tag’s pre formatted as NDEF, but most already do.

You can also format them with Android phones…

Is your module driver going to provide a format function? :wink:

Can already read non NDEF cards… :wink:

@ ianlee74 - Yes the driver formats tags to NDEF

When you use the module with a non formatted card it needs to write 0x03 to a data block which is the start of a NDEF message and away you go.

Will do a proper demo next week with the bat phone etc…

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Hi Justin

Looks good!

About the tags topic:
The amount of data they can hold depends on the model. The standardization just happend and one can still find lots of other tags on the marked. I would go for real NFC Forum type tags or those that are 100% compatible with the standard such as Mifare Ultralight.

About NDEF formatting:
The NDEF format itself is quite simple. See
For some reason which I don’t understand some tags have to be formatted and it writes some other stuff on the tags memory in addition to the NDEF messages.
The information is somehwere in here…


HI Justin,

Do you have a UK biometric passport? I was able to read this on my Android phone :slight_smile:

See if your read can read the passport? Is just the same data as on the printed page as far as I can see.

@ Dave McLaughlin - yeah, i have both kiwi and pom bio passports.
will fish them out and give it a try in the morning.

yeah, i have both kiwi and porn bio passports.[/quote]That’s what I thought it said, I must be tired, with all the crap going on in Calgary lately.

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@ Duke Nukem - haaaha thats exactly how i read it too… maybe we know Justin too well??

@ Dave McLaughlin - Interesting that not all passports are the same…

Kiwi passport - Can read serial and data blocks but they are encrypted.
Pomgolian passport - Can read serial but cant read blocks as they need to be authenticated first before reading.

Win8 phone knows there is a tag there but since it’s not NDEF formatted it doesn’t do anything apart from a tinkling sound when it tries to read the tag…