Reading MaxO Pins

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Hola! I’m doing a project that uses the maxO module, and I can’t find any documentation for READING pins from it. I’ve written to them, but I don’t even know if I have the right syntax for reading. What I’m using is :

                testing = maxO.Read(0)

I’m hoping this reads the byte on SV1, but when I set a couple pins high, it doesn’t read any new values.

Also, I’m supposed to be using VB for the project. I can’t find much code resources/examples in VB; are there any or am I just being a doofus that needs to spend more time searching?

MaxO stands for max output. You can’t read these pins unfortunately.

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Nuts; I just saw it say “IO” on the webpage and thought it’d work as an input/output, but yeah, it does say “Pins are outputs only”. Nuts. But the IO60P16 Module can provide inputs, so that should work for me.

Any advice on finding VB help?

Most examples are in C# but changing them to vb should be easy.

Here are some vb examples


And any idea when the IO60P16 will be available? It’s the only module that has enough inputs (22).

I am afraid that module is now a product cycle status of Legacy.

So not sure it will be available now. :frowning:

Aw geez, that’s not good. Any ideas for connecting 22 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, and 2 analog inputs? Maybe just use a bunch of breakout boards on the Hydra?

Thanks for all your help guys.

@ okinawanspud - breakout boards sound like a good idea.