Reading Input from pins on Cerberus

Greetings, I was hoping to find some help here a roadblock I’ve hit in my development. I’ve got an application using the FEZ Cererus mainboard.

My program uses the load module to send voltage to a component at a given interval. At a certain time after that voltage has been sent, say halfway during that pulse, my board needs to receive a signal saying that another pulse has been generated by a separate component. I hope that makes sense.

The Cerberus is listed as having “9 Analog Inputs” on the website, and I’m wondering how it is I can access them to read my signal. I don’t have any modules besides the load module, USB SP, and 128x128 OledDisplay.

I appreciate the help in advance!

Your best bet is probably either an Extender module ( ) or a MakeBread module ( ). You can then hook up arbitrary signals to arbitrary pins. If the “pulse” you are reading is between 3.3V and 5V, then you can read it with any interrupt-capable GPIO. If you are reading an analog signal, you’ll need to “poll” the pin periodically to see what the current voltage is. Note that for an analog pin, you should not exceed 3.3V, and under no circumstances whatsoever should you exceed 5V on any pin.

Welcome to the community!

You will need an extender module, to hook up your electroinics to. After that you can connect it to any socket on Cerberus, icluding analog in.

Thank you for the prompt replies, I wasn’t expecting that so quickly. I’ve been lurking for a few weeks, and I’m happy to start posting and contributing.

At this point we don’t really have the ability to order an extender module within the time-frame. Is there any workaround for this?

Split one end of the gadgeteer cable and wire it up to your non-gadgeteer electornics.

Or, one of my favorite techniques is to poke a wire into the IDC connector on the Gadgeteer cable. That way, you don’t need to destroy one of those (expensive) cables. I’ve never done it with the Gadgeteer cable, but you’d need to use fairly small wire to fit without damaging the cable.

Sounds like fun to me! I appreciate the advice.