Read the signals from a 434 MHZ reciver

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Fighting with a problem for a couple of hours…

I have a RWS-371 434 MHZ Reciver Module. I try to read the signals from a 434 MHZ remote control. if i use the “poor-man-oszilloskop” with my soundcard i have no problems to get on the signals and i can use them with the SignalGenerator.
But now i trying to use the SignalCapture from the GHI.Premium.Hardware to read the signals into a buffer. The problem is that the noise between my signals are very strong so i dont get bytes who i can use. is there a way to decrease the noise or is it possible to use the SignalCapture to read signals from my Remote Control?

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Have you tried to use SignalCapture with the Receiver module?

This is one of my many projects to work on I’ve got queued up.

Apparently these transmitter/receiver pairs do not produce very clean data. Some people are using Manchester Encoding to deal with this.

Here’s a youtube video where he’s using these with Arduinos, but the concept is the same. At around 5 minutes in, he starts to talk about the signals, the issues with noise and protocols to deal with it.


Yeah have connected the 434 MHZ Reciver Module with an extender module to use it with the SignalCapture.

mhectorgato for the first look it will looks interesting, will see the full video later and give response if it helpf for my case.

As these are non-encoded and simply transmit the bit pattern they don’t work very well with non-return to zero protocols such as what a UART transmits. You have to use either PWM or as, mhectorgato suggested, Manchester encoding. These are return to zero protocols.

As you found out, they are noisy on the output so you have to look for your data. Normally you send a pre-amble prior to the data to sync the receiver to the incoming data. Once you have this, the data is usually clean and easy to decode. It’s finding the pre-amble in all the noise that takes a little bit of work.

Thanks for all the answers!
video ist interesting but how i understand the sender and reciver must used the manchester encoding. i solved the problem on an other way. i have wrote me an algorithm that looks for periodic signals than i catch them edit them and send them back. in my first trys it works very well.


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