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Read PWM signal


I have a RC reciever from my model aircraft and I would like to use that with FEZ Domino to control a robot. In the beginner book I saw only tutorials about how to generate PWM signal not read it.
Can someone please point me in the right direction?


I’m doing this with my UAV project. Chris posted his version to Fezzer:

Basically, you connect the signal to an interrupt port. You wire up an event to catch the edges (low->high and high->low). You record the time for low->high and on high->low you time the difference and that’s your value. It’s actually very accurate because Fez/MF will timestamp the interrupts with exactly when they occurred.


Thanks a lot:)


If it helps anyone with this topic…

If you calculate what resistance and capacitance required to stabilise the frequency you can just read it from the analogue port…

I have a very slow frequency of 100 hz… with a 100uf cap and a 10k resistor I get a pretty stable voltage proportional to the pulse width. I use it with my wind speed device…

Cheers Ian