Reached The Limit

Alright Gus, I finally did it. I have a project so large the ChipworkX can’t fit it. Where’s my prize?

I’ve a lovely 2 click installer that installs Gadgetos, the Updater, all the driver files for ChipworkX/Cobra and the min system files and I’ll be darned if it isn’t just too much for the poor thing to handle.

It was actually OK until the last few files. :whistle:

No way! You have 8mb of flash. How can you fill it in code??!!

Gadgetos is an extremely complex system. Not only does it have a list of features as long as my arm it maintains compatibility with pretty much any device. In order to do so there’s a tremendous amount of clever coding I have to do.

That said; the core systems of Gadgetos only take 530Kb (without drivers). Drivers for the ChipworkX, for example, only cost another 33Kb (Audio, Time & HID).

What’s taking up so much space is the installer. This single project has all of Gadgetos, drivers for [italic]both[/italic] the ChipworkX and Cobra, sound files, graphic files, the updater, and both ChipworkX & Cobra firmware to try and load in 1 or 2 clicks (instead of the many Pyxis 2 took).

The installer currently weighs in at 9.7 meg all told.

Obviously I’ll have to re-think how I do a 1 or 2 click installer.