RE: and Capes (All of Them)


Seth here once more. Are the schematics for the LoadCape, MotorCape, and RelayCape all proprietary or are they available from your company?

If not, that is okay. Oh and everyone, I already know about the info. available on regarding the pin configuration. I saw some fellows or ladies discussing the schematic issue and ideas revolving around the word “prototypes.”

I see that is just having this name convention on prototype for the Capes thus far. I am not complaining or looking to get info. for other people (sort of).

I was more just thinking of when or if at all these BBB and BBBW Capes will be available in production format w/ the included schematics. Are there any plans on producing production ready Capes w/ the schematics by your co. for the foundation persons and users?


P.S. If this is out of line, please let me know. I was thinking of this idea a while ago. I really do not know what direction people are taking on these Capes but schematics are always nice.

All designs are open source. they should be on their GitHub

all are on the GitHub page. Sure, you need to install Eagle to read them, but you can customise the design from that point if you wanted to.

Hello Mr. Gus,

Thank you again for your time.


P.S. I will go to again.


Seth here. I need Eagle. Okay. I will research that idea.


P.S. Thank you for your time.