RC Multiplexer

As part of “Project Firefly” i have made a spaghetti wired RC mux that lets you flick between RC control or uController from a RC transmitter.

I was thinking of turning it into a Gadgeteer module what would stream the 5 Channel RC values over Uart to a host and receive servo commands to drive 4 or 6 servos from the host.

Does anyone else have a need for this type of module?

I have not yet used these yet (bought a couple for PWM output), but have you seen the IO60P16 board:

I believe you could read in the PWM signal and pass it back to the mainboard. Then the mainboard could either process the commands or forward it back to the module for PWM output.

This may be way off from what you are shooting for, but I thought I’d throw it out …

Sounds interesting.

I don’t have a need … but could probably dream up a use for it. What’s the approx range on the RC transmitter?

@ capinredbeard - this is primarily for transferring control between rc or micro controller

@ mhectorgato - standard rc goes out to about 1km or so, long range 433mhz rc goes out to 40km

i would have thought this would be quite useful. if you want it i have a class i wrote quite a while back for reading data from a spektrum controller.

@ Nubiarn - I have it all working using a spektrum receiver but it can’t hurt to see what you have done :slight_smile: