Raytec nrf52840 BLE5+NFC+Zigbee+Thread pre-certified board

I have been considering trying my hand at creating either a SITCore board with an onboard Raytec device (link below) OR perhaps a Raytec board with a Gadgeteer connector.

I am writing to gauge interest (or for you to tell me such a thing already exists, so I don’t waste my time). I am a complete novice at Altium and friends, but I also have friends in low places with more skill, so this is kind of a lark for me, but I’d like it to be a useful lark.

I am leaning toward a Gadgeteer module, because no SBC that I create is likely to be deployment-ready. So if this is only useful for prototyping, it might as well be in a prototyping form factor.

The Raytec board has 1Mb flash and 256K RAM and I would be flashing it with an AT command set that you could use from TinyCLR. The Raytec already supports OpenThread, so this is a route for getting Thread (and NFC, Zigbee, and BLE5) on TinyCLR.

The Raytec: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/seeed-technology-co-ltd/113990582/9697025

Theoretically this is already FCC and CE certified, but IANAL …

Any interest? Advice?

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What about this module instead?https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/stmicroelectronics/STM32WB5MMGH6TR/13592597

By the way, we have ported TinyCLR to it and have at all working but then we pulled the plug at the last second.


Could you maybe put that plug back in…? :smiley:

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Well, the compute capability seems about the same, but the STM device doesn’t list any NFC capability, and the STM device seems about 40-50% more expensive based on a quick survey.

The Raytec isn’t available too broadly, and that worries me.

EDIT: and nobody can pronounce STM32WB5MMGH6TR. Looks like someone fell on the keyboard.


It seems close to pine64 (ready) smartwatch with cost 25 usd (them are tryin to create sdk with mbedos or freertos).

What is that? Let me Google it!

why did you pulled the plug?

Sorry can’t share that info :disappointed_relieved:

would it be possible to share the code or publish it so its no time waster for you and helpful for us?