Raspberry Pi Zero for $5

Yep, it’s true… wonder if we’ll get a Win IoT image for this?

I was thinking the same but this is ARM11.

Yup - I doubt there will ever be a win10 for it, but it will run Mono and .Net Core. Notice that there’s not network interface either, so you have to add a usb wifi or serial wifi or something else if you want network connectivity.

Price, awesome.
But really, what were they thinking when they made it.
CEO says it was made to bring even more people to computing who cannot afford computers.
Yet, one has to spend $5 on the module, then another $25-30 for a USB hub to connect mouse and keyboard. So in the end whats the point. Might as well just buy one of their other modules.

For those that say its meant to be stuck in a box somewhere and forgotten about, ok… then why add the HDMI connector.

Its so close to being a plug in module into another custom board, yet they did not bring out the USB to a header so we have no access to it so we could possibly add a USB to Ethernet IC on our board to give it more possibilities.

For the DYI’s its looks good. But for those of us who could have used it in our own products its not so good. All they had to do to hit both markets was to add another I/O header to bring out the USB.

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Someone found a self-powered USB OTG hub that includes Ethernet for $4 on eBay. That’d be the perfect companion, I think. You’d get Ethernet, and you wouldn’t need the OTG cable.

This is kinda embarrassing. $5 Dollars? This cannot be at cost. How can they make a pcb that complex for less than $5?

You partly have Eric Schmidt to thank for the new $5 Raspberry Pi

Guess what my first project is :smiley:

fish tank monitoring. Weather station. LED cube. ??

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@ Architect - Oh look somebody 3d printed a gameboy.

Is it going to run MAME?

In case you didn’t see today… Someone had a similar idea.