Raspberry PI near Solenoid

If I operate a 5V solenoid within an 1inch from a raspberry pi, will the magnetic field from that inductive load interfere with the PI? If it does, then what can I do shielding wise?

You could try a “mu metal shield”

Intresting. Which would be better, wrap the solenoid or wrap the PI? I’m thinking wrap the solenoid.

Which ever you choose, don’t forget the wires too…

This is the stuff we use in our RFID applications, to shield things from RF:


(some of the tape or thin foam padding options)

Wait the wires need shielding as well? perhaps a hobby servo would be a most cost effective solution.

which prompts the question, to what? You may be able to draw that conclusion; I can’t. A hobby servo certainly is a cost effective solution when your requirement is to act like a servo. But a solenoid can do many many things and in different ways beyond what a servo can do.