Raspberry Pi 3 and GHI at Build 2016

We’ll be doing running some really cool labs this year at Build 2016. One set of labs (the ones I designed) is about Windows 10 IoT Core and Microsoft Azure IoT. As with the field labs we run, they’ll use the FEZ HAT. We also managed to buy up 120 Raspberry Pi 3 devices. I’ll be provisioning a custom Windows image for those for use at Build.

Additionally, we’ll have an open hack in the same room, concurrent with the other labs, on days two and three. We’ll have some Gadgeteer + Windows 10 devices, plus lots of other discrete sensors and bits, Arduino, and more. Gus and John from GHI will also be helping in the room, which is a HUGE help.

The labs will be public on GitHub on Day 1 at Build. :slight_smile:



@ Pete Brown - A hundred and twenty? No wonder there is a shortage!

I’ll be there and check it out, thanks @ Pete Brown!



We keep buying up all the HATs for the field labs. Bing . We borrowed a bunch of them for this event. They are really perfect for any Azure labs where you’re not looking to have people mess with breadboards and discrete components. Gadgeteer would be good as well, but this single board solution is inexpensive and small enough to ship overseas in large amounts.

The Pis we had to get shipped from the UK. No one has them right now. Pretty sure we have more here than anyone has in stock.


The approach at Build this year is different from the past. There will be strong encouragement to join the various Code Labs. Lots of good stuff to learn there.


Will the current version of Windows IoT support the wifi and bluetooth modules on the Rpi3

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We can’t wait to start digging into the lab and to hear how everyone is planning on using Windows in the iot world… Exciting times are ahead.


If I could only get a ticket… :frowning:

Needs an update and driver. WiFi is coming in April. Not sure on BT date.



sold out in 5 minutes this year… easier to get superbowl tickets, methinks.

@ Pete Brown - Nice!

Need any volunteer proctors? :smiley:

Looking forward to it. I will be there.

@ Pete Brown - Sounds exciting, I will be there to check it out as well.