Raptor.UartPort.Socket## accesses wrong socket

The release software version appears to misidentify UART sockets:
Socket1 UART port is accessed using FEZRaptor.UartPort.Socket12,
Socket4 UART port is accessed using FEZRaptor.UartPort.Socket10
Socket11 is correct,
Socket10 UART port isn’t accessed by the software,
FEZRaptor.UartPort.Socket1 doesn’t access any UART port.

Just to be sure, can you post your code here please?

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This is the test segment that works when I’m plugged into socket 4:
UartController_Speech = UartController.FromName(GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Pins.FEZRaptor.UartPort.Socket10);
UartController_Speech.SetActiveSettings(_const_int_SpeechBaudRate, 8, UartParity.None, UartStopBitCount.One, UartHandshake.None);
string_SpeechBuffer = “S” + “I’m sorry dave, I can’t do that.” + “\r\n”;

We were able to reproduce the issue. We’ll take a look for the next release.

Thanks for the quick response.