Raptor, T43, Load Module Freeze/lockout

So I briefly mentioned my problem in another post, however, thought it might be better over here. Here is what is going on.

When I fire up the Raptor and from a power supply and let the program start. It will randomly lock up the screen and my digital inputs, usually within about 2-3 minutes after start up it freezes. And usually freezing on a channel of the load module and locking me out of my digital inputs.

So the second scenario is this. When I start up my Raptor, let the program load, I then plug in the USB cord from my computer, let the G400 drivers load on my computer, then do “Safely remove hardware” - Eject G400, then unplug the USB cord and then everything runs fine. No lockouts or freezes.

If anyone has an idea of how to solve this or needs more information, please let me know.


Hi. I have a bit of an update to this problem.

So the problem seems to be centered around the load module turning on and off. I can do everything within my program and on the HMI. Setting user inputs and reading sensors. I have two methods for activating the load module channels to run a relay for the motors. One method is on a pendent that activates digital inputs high or low and the other method is with two touch buttons on the T43, one for hoist up and one for hoist down.
The first time I activate a load module channel through either of the methods it completely locks up the system and leave the load module channel active.
None of this happens though, if I start up the system, plug in my computer, let the G400 driver load, eject G400 on my computer, then begin activating channels.


What do you have connected on the load module and how exactly it is connected.

Hi Gus,
I hope you are having a good weekend…The load module is hooked up on CH2 and CH3 to regular 4 pole automotive relays. I have 12v power going through one side of the relay to the load which is a winch contactor. I also have 12v (pin 30??) going to the other pole of the relay, then the activation ground of the relay (86??) going into the load module channel. So basically the load module is switching the ground to the relays on and off. I do have the 12v and gnd from the relay power supply wired into the SRG and GND on the load module.

I was able to recreate freeze out again…I had my computer USB hooked to the Raptor and was running my program in “auto” mode which basically looks at end stops and reverses the direction of the motor (turns off CH2 and turns on CH3). It was in the middle of a cycle and I switched screens on the T43 and it locked everything up and left the load mod CH active even when the end stop switch (Digital Input) was hit.

I will upload my entire program to the Codeshare site as well.

Thanks for any advice you have and enjoy your evening.


I thought you didn’t have SRG connected. If you have it connected properly then you may need a small capacitor to help with the noise and spikes coming from your relay.

Hi Gus,
Thanks for the quick reply. Any recommendations on the capacitor? I have a couple lying around.
Any ideas why start up doesn’t freeze out when I let the laptop load the USB drivers then disconnect from the laptop?

Almost seems like there is some code I could run to clear out the memory of the Raptor, like that is what is happening when the computer and Raptor connect up. I am completely making that theory up out of thin air, but just something I thought of.

Also of note, I tried using a USB wall wort cell phone charger as the replacement for my computer at startup…did not help at all. Made it worse. As soon as I plug in the USB cord from the wall wort it locked up the entire system.

Thanks for all of the support. I really do enjoy programming on the Raptor and T43. I already have my next project planned.


again,. this is just a feeling I get when I hear behaviours that only happen when there are multiple connections for power…

Differences in GND cause sufficient delta that processor or signalling gets into a strange state.

To eliminate it, you can make sure you use either an isolated USB connection (not something you’re likely to do or will be easy) or try using a different method to debug (RS232 module, or perhaps a custom Bluetooth setup), or be very careful with how you power the devices.

Capacitors might help but IMHO the behaviour you’ve mentioned (locking up) is more likely a power tolerance issue than a signal tolerance issue.