Raptor deployment difficulties

I am using VS 2013, NETMF 4.3 latest beta release, raptor, gadgeteer.
I find that I must try to deploy my solution 1-6 times before it is successfully deployed. The failure mode is “Deployment to the device was not successful”. I make no changes between a unsuccessful and successful deployment
The number of times I try to deploy before success seems random.
Also, after failure VS shows “Deploy Failed” at the bottom, and it takes up to 60 seconds until VS is again responsive.
Any suggestions on code changes, or VS configuration would be appreciated.
Also, at the end when VS seems to come life, the message “TinyCLR Error” "An exception occurred while attempting to launch the debugger: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
When this gets really bad, changing to a different usb port allows me to get control again.
Eliminating the VS delays before returning control wouold be a big help.

Try using a direct usb port, no hub.
Try using a power pack.
Try using the latest firmware.

Just a few quick things I thought of.

I’m running VS2013 and netmf 4.3 QFE2 (not sure what you mean by beta?) and GHI SDK 2016 R1. I’ve been working on my current raptor project (coffee roaster temperature display/logger/interface to PC) for more than a month, and am having no issues like this, in fact I can’t think of a single problem I have had with deployment except when I had MFDeploy connected for debugging, so I can’t help but be a counter-point…

my PC setup is I’m running Win10 on a Surface Book, that is connected to a Targus DisplayLink dock, that has a USB connection to a Dell 24" monitor with integrated USB hub, and the Raptor is connected to the monitor’s outlets. It has a T43 connected as well - all seems stable.

@ Brett, @ Gus, thanks for the help.
I am running 4.3 QFE2 and GHI SDK 2016 R1
I have a separate power supply for the Raptor
I have used both direct USB (both 2.0 and 3.0) and hub. I do get best results with direct USB, but have had several experiences where the direct USB will stop working. At that point I move to another, and seem to eventually end up on a hub as it is very time consuming to reboot the PC. I certainly have better luck direct, and will try to stick to that mode in the future.
Have either of you found a hub that you consider reliable? In my development environment it would be a great help, which is probably why I keep slipping back to hub.
@ Brett: I see you find the Dell monitor to be a satisfactory hub. Is that a 3.0 hub? I have two Dell monitors connected via HDMI and USB3 cables. I will try that out.

My monitor is an older 24" and was pre USB3, so it’s a bog standard USB2 - but again, it’s downstream of the USB3 connected Targus dock so it’s still a little different to “normal”.