Raptor COM5 location?

I have selected the Raptor for a project as it has 6 comports according to the specification page. However I am having a problem finding the physical connection to COM5.
I am sure I am missing something obvious - can anyone help?

@ rockybooth - COM5 Is not exposed on the Gadgeteer sockets, the current mainboard driver maps the COM ports as follows

COM4 - Socket 1
COM2 - Socket 4
COM1 - Socket 10
COM3 - Socket 11
COM6 - Socket 12

@ taylorza - Thanks, that is what I suspected. I would consider it misleading to advertise the Raptor as having 6 comports. The processor may have 6 comports, but the Raptor sure does not.
If I need the 6th communications channel, perhaps I can do it with a USB Host using external FTDI dongle, unless there is some NETMF or other limitation to doing so.

@ GHI - how about correcting the documentation at https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/499 on the “Specifications” tab?

It is available if you are not using the LCD as it’s shared with the LCD_GREEN 3 and 4 outputs but you are right, it should be notified in the specification about this.

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Thanks, Dave!

If a display is not needed, an option would be to use breakout modules to get to the last port. Not convenient, but it is still there and functional, just needs couple wires.

Sorry about any confusion.

@ Gus: That would work fine.

I did not see those assignments on the schematic for the Raptor board, but now that I dig deeper, I do see it in the 3 page download specification sheet of the G400-S. There I see that COM5 Tx is on PC8, and Rx is on PC9
The Raptor schematic maps PC8 to Socket 16 pin 6 and PC9(Rx) to Socket 16 pin 7.

I verified that the Gadgeteer interface will allow a connection of a serial port to Socket 16, although I did not verify functionality.

You might check this, as I wanted to spell it if anyone else needs it and will not read all the data sheets!