Raptor board sockets come off very easily

I upgraded the firmware tinybooter, then I pulled off the cable in Socket #3, and the header came off the board. My company has lost a number of Raptor boards due to the poor solder connections of the sockets. We will have to ask for a RMA replacement board, I think this is a defect. Is there any tool that I can use to re-solder all 10 pads at once and re-connect the socket to the Raptor?

@ dspacek - Hot air reflow station would probably do it, assuming that the socket wasn’t damaged when it came off.

I’ve only got one Raptor, but my sockets seem as well mounted as any other Gadgeteer mainboard I’ve got, even though they are relatively fragile in the scheme of things. You may have had a bad (set of) boards and GHI might want to know more detail about your batch # and the environment (how much disconnect/connect action they see etc)

I have never had an issue with sockets dislodging from a board. As Brett said, sounds like a bad batch.

@ dspacek - with hundreds of thousands of sockets used, we never seen this and heard of it extremely rarely. Do you pull the cable very close to the socket? Then pull directly up?

One of the early tests we did was to insert and remove the cable. We ran hundreds of iterations, over 1000, and at some point the cable started failing but nothing ripped off. Please help us determine how this is happening.

We use a solder jet printer that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. I do not see this being a solder problem. Maybe reflow but also very unlikely!

@ dspacek - Can you take some pictures to show the problem?

We’ve been working with Dan on this for a while along with some of the software stuff that he has been posting. I think the post is more about how can they fix it without sending it back to us.

What about it?

Yeah, they have good factory support. NOT

Try getting the same response as the OP did from one of the main guys at GHI, who has offered to help and the other responses from the users.