I was just browsing the rank/users page and started reading the fine print.


Got about 1 and 1/2 years to make it to FEZ MVP!

I need to get some bonus points…lol… ;D

Mike in MN

You can have mine!! I’m not in it for the points… I just like helping people.

Cheers Ian

For me as an hobbyist the really useful level is at Junior when you get access to Beta firmware. The rest is not all that useful for me at least.

Yes feel free to have all mine. In some ways It changed the way people look at things and how they talk here. In most ways for the better in some ways for the worse.

I was just happy to stop seeing my name over that baby or the little girl picture. :-[

Since my beard is almost as gray as the Master’s beard … I’m not really looking forward to that one either.


Couldn’t agreed more! :clap:

I probably agree with all of you.

I was just thinking out loud of all the complimentary consulting when you get to a higher level, (if one desires it).

I will say, for years I have been playing with the idea of getting into computer programming and playing with hardware, but it seemed so scary and over my head. Once I found TinyCLR.com, jumped both feet in and I am completely fascinated and having fun playing with it (even though it’s still over my head…lol…)

But it is still FEZ’r then I thought it was gonna be… ;D

Mike in MN

I like the point system. No other real comments than that.

We have many members of the GHI team on this forum and we monitor what goes on. The points help us identify your experience so we can answer you better…it helps us to help you :slight_smile:

And on the long run, when you need help more than just a question on the forum, your rank in this community will determine how we can assist you further.

We are not asking you to do anything more than what you are doing now and sooner or later you will get 40% discount on all your personal orders from here. No one will mind discounts :slight_smile:

Yes some users will try to abuse the system and we will see those who abuse the forum or fezzer and trust me we have an internal “hidden” notes that we can add to our user database to point out those who are not being fair to others.

Gus … I don’t want to seem ungrateful and the discount will be nice…But I know what its like to have nowhere to turn… This is a fantastic solution and should be available on everyone’s hardware the points system works extremely well and I applaud GHI for the very idea…

The trouble is… it turns into a sort of facebook / twitter for us netmf nerds and I hate facebook!!!

Keep up the excellent work.
Cheers Ian

I think if anything, fezzer is still not quite fair. It gives too many points for small snippets of code. The larger code samples are fine, i’d expect a user to get ~300 points for a larger project with a video such as we used to get handed out by Gus for putting code into the contribs forums and making a page on the wiki for it.

I’ve been getting 130-170 points for some of my shorter code snippets (10-15 lines) on fezzer which i think its a little unbalanced when you have 700+ line code snippets only getting 190-220 (no video).

Mark is right. How about a little update in the points system?

Chris was also saying today that he submitted a huge mass of code (his RWAR code) and only got 170 or so points. I’ve gotten more than that for 80 lines.

Perhaps you could use some standard code complexity metrics?

I don’t see this as being long-term problematic. At the moment, while Fezzer is being built out, it’s inevitable that there’ll be a huge amount of stuff put up on it from a realtively small group of people. I think a reasonable way of looking at this stage is as an initial load, where a relatively small group of people best able to evaluate the worth of what got uploaded, and should be able to suggest an appropriate award.

Peer-reviewed XP - I doubt any of our Masters and Heroes are going to obsess over 1000 points one way or the other when they’ve just been granted 10,000 for uploading a heap of code. And they’re going to be the major contributors, I think.

Then you come to the ‘mature Fezzer’, maybe a year down the line and we have a dozen or so heroes and triple-digit number of masters. Clearly, the peer review granting of XP is less feasible unless there’s an ‘awards committee’, but at that point, I for one don’t expect to need to have to write a set of routines for a particular I2C device - chances are that there’ll already be something on Fezzer already.

If someone does upload a significant new library, I don’t see why there couldn’t be a mechanism for Heroes and above to make suggestions ‘up the line’ to the primates and award the XP by hand. Big, new libraries are going to attract a lot of attention anyway, and I don’t see a burning need for the XP to be awarded at the time it’s posted. I think we’re all grown-up enough to be patient.

I just want to apologize to everyone. It seems my comment started a healthy conversation.

I for one have learned tons from all of you guys and want to thank you all in my learning process with C#, NETMF, FEZ, Micro Controllers, and Everything!


Mike in MN

well just by replying to this thread I make it to senior whoopee


I made senior a couple days ago, with the picture kinda makes me feel I should be further along.


Mike in MN

Congratulation to both of you, Peter and Mike!

How do you guys feel right now! Lighter or Heavier? :smiley: :smiley:

Congrats :dance: