Ranks, Rewards and GHI Insider

Ranks have been expanded by adding Divine and Immortal. This gives Kings and Legends new goals to aim for. You grow in rank by contributing and earning experience. This is explained on the Ranks page. Contributing also earns an equal amount of points which can be used to redeem rewards found on the Rewards page. GHI Insider is now purchasable via points. We’ve also given everyone a point boost (10% of your current experience) to show our appreciation.

Cool. Thanks for the update, Josh. So, the new plan with GHI Insider is that when you reach the points required that you then “spend” those points to join and they can’t be used again for anything else or are you automatically joined once you have that many points above the rank? Right now the Insiders page just says “Insufficient points”. But above that it says “Costs depend upon your rank; the more you contribute the more you’re rewarded.” So, it’s not clear to me what happens once I have 3000 points. Will it then reveal a money cost or will it just say “click here to join”? Thanks, this is looking good.

This is like credit card points where someday you can go in and redeem your points for stuff. In our case, you can get a coupon or get insider. Once using points, points will be deducted from your account. This will not effect your experience.

Nice and simple. Good job.


Does this mean that you must be at least a Hero to be an Insider?

Also, has the dollar amount reward coupon when you made a rank gone away?

Thanks team, really appreciate the effort you guys are putting in.

looks like it… first thing i checked…

Can’t you still buy your way in?

So, what happens to a Master who already paid for an insider membership? I know you will work it out, just wondering what the plan is.