Random Post: TinyCLR Driver for mmWave Radar - 24GHz Human Presence Detection Sensor (9 Meters)

DFRobot Human Presence Sensor driver for TinyCLR
Gravicode/HumanDetector: This is TinyCLR driver for DFRobot mmWave Radar - 24GHz Human Presence Detection Sensor (9 Meters) and sample app (github.com)

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This is something I have wanted for ages as part of a home automaton system but not sure this can detect a stationary human?

How does it perform in knowing someone is in a room sitting and watching TV or at a computer?

Horizontal installation

The millimeter-wave radar sensor has the functions of human presence, human stillness and human motion perception. Compared with digital infrared motion sensor, millimeter-wave radar has higher accuracy for human detection in stationary states such as people sleeping and sitting, but the response speed of millimeter-wave radar is 2-4 seconds. If there are higher requirements for response speed and accuracy, millimeter-wave radar and digital infrared motion sensor can be used together. What’s more, smart home can be realized through adding light sensors and temperature sensors, such as controlling lights, air conditioners and other furnitures.

The sensing results of the millimeter-wave radar can be output through the serial port or I/O port, and the sensor module has the characteristics of strong sensing reliability, high sensitivity, small size, easy to use, and easy to embed integration.