Random Color Generator

The Concept is simple, have a Random number Generator generate three numbers between 0 and 255, feed them to three pwm pins that will drive a tri-color LED and you get it!

This is my first program written on a Panda since I got it at the beginning of the month.
[url]A random color generator using FEZ Panda - YouTube

Looks nice.
It is probably similar to my project (link removed) but I added a function so that colors fades into each other in stead of just flipping over every second.

Great work :slight_smile:

The led fun never ends :slight_smile:

yup, that is my next step

Don’t underestimate the joy of LEDs Gus :smiley:

Yeah? How is this for LED fun?

I just remembered, I do not think I made a video of the ticktacktoe :frowning:

LED’s are epic. You can do so much with them! possibilities never end ;D

And Gus: please please video :smiley:

Please take a video Gus. We never got to see how that game turned out.
Did you ever bring it to the Make faire ?