Rāmere Hāngi™

Oxygen gets some friends from the periodic table ;D


@ Justin - Where’s Xenon?

@ Justin - For Real, your cooking that in England on a Friday … well if so, Kia mākona !!!

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Coming… 8)

How about more information about this nice little things :slight_smile:

he’s as bad as Gus on teasers !

TMI Justin, TMI !!!

I shall cease and desist post haste all R&D progress reports and leave all future information spillage to the Press department…now if only they had information to share ::slight_smile:

I know where to look for information :slight_smile: There’s none :frowning: Get typin ! :>

So… Rāmere Hāngi means … Friday cookout? Friday pit-oven?

I’ve been to a Hangi or two - my wife is half Maori (Nga Puhi)/half Scotch-Canadian. :smiley:

And tomorrow is our 10th anniversary! And you better never forget an anniversary if your spouse is Maori. They were cannibals until relatively recently…

Sorry for the thread derailment :smiley:

If you let the Press department share information about your future product, then it suddenly can do everything, R&D has never thought or heard about :wall: