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RAM timings


I know this doesn’t exactly fall into the .NET side of things but… I really need to be able to get the RAM timings (CL tRCD tRP and tRAS) of the PC. So far using the WMI classes I’ve managed to get pretty much everything I’d need except for the timings and that’s where I hit a brick wall. I’ve been Googling for quite some time and the only thing that’s relevant is a lib from CPU-Z but unfortunately it costs money and I don’t want to spend anything on this university project.

So Anybody have any idea how I can get those timings? Be it C#/NET or C/C++ so long as its something usable I’d be very happy.


Normally the DDRx timing is read by the bios and then a correct setup is made.
The changing of these settings is only done and necessary by overclocking specialists.
CPU-Z readout example: CL(5-5-5-15) this is what the bios is reading.
Ask in an overclocking forum.


I don’t want to change the timings at all, what I want to do is just get the currently set timings and display them. I’ve checked quite a lot of forums and none deal with the actual “retrieving” of the values but rather just explain what each one means and how it affects the computer.


So you need a Windows API for the read out of the DDR timmings ?

The timing parameters for the DDR module is at the paper sticker and in the eeprom
of the DDR module. The Bios can read this eeprom but you need a Windows API to read this eeprom ?


Well it doesn’t have to be a Win32 api, so long as its not very very hard to use, doesn’t matter if its written in C#/C/C++.


Only an idea:
If you have the source code of memtest86 there must be such a function
and if you find these function …


Memtest86 might just do it :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestion!