RAM and Flash memory usage

Hi guyz,
How can i find the RAM and Flash memory usage…?

Thanks in advance.

When you deploy a project with VS, you can see how many bytes have been deployed.
But since VS sometimes makes a partial deploy only, you should do an erase with FEZConfig or MFDeploy before you deploy.

To get RAM, you can run the Garbage collector from within your code and look at the output window.
it’s Debug.GC(); if I remember correctly.

Thanks for the reply Reinhard Ostermeier,

When i deploy two place show about the memory
1=> Deploying assemblies for a total size of 616 bytes
2=>Create TS. Loading start at 8052cd4, end 807d054.

In these two which one…?

It’s the 1st line, but it’s only correct when you erase the application before.
I’m not sure what the 2nd line is exactly, bit it looks like some memory addresses, not a size. May be the difference between them is interesting.

So which means 616 bytes only used in 1MB flash memory…?

This is what your assemblies need.
May be there is more that is stored in Flash.

Thank you Reinhard Ostermeier.