RadioShack Arduino Challenge

In case anyone is looking for another contest…

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It would be really cool to have some FEZs at Radio Shack…

Pyxis One for the win; don’t even need to do anything. Heh

Go for it!

Seems very weird to me that RS is carrying Arduino, unless they’re viewing it primarily as a toy. Their selection of actual useful parts for electronics projects is, to put it mildly, not what it once was. I’ve been to RS twice this week looking for parts to help me with my Gadgeteer stuff, and both times left empty-handed. That said, if I wanted a radio control car, helo, or battle-ball-bot thing, they certainly have plenty of those.

Would be interesting if Arduino led to RS starting to stock more useful and interesting stuff, but I’m not holding my breath on that score.

Radio Shack has a new president who has vowed to get them back to where they once were in terms of being a hobby electronics store. We’ll see how it turns out but they seem to be on the right track. The first big move they made was partnering with SparkFun. I suspect that’s where the Arduino preference came from.

Didn’t know that…even if they start with Arduino, I’m happy to see them moving in that direction…and perhaps our community can convince them that .NET Micro Framework is an important platform as well. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the leadership change explains some of the newer items I saw on my last visit (Snap Circuits and a few smaller electronics kits).

Arduino is 5 years old, FEZ is one year old, gadgeteer is one month old :slight_smile: Just give it some time.

@ skewworks… Your hard work will surely be noticed, good luck! :slight_smile:

@ devhammer, yeah this is good news for everyone in the microcontroller insdustry, hope more will follow.

@ Gus,

You might have noticed by now, patience is not my long suit. :slight_smile:

But as I said, anything that moves Radio Shack back towards their roots is a good thing, IMO. While it’s great to have the full resources of the internet to tap into when looking for parts, the “I WANT IT NOW” part of me definitely looks forward to it being easier to hop in the car and find what I need locally.

It’s becoming even more important to have someone like Radio Shack stepping up since most parts are shipping from Hong King & China which often means weeks if not months to get parts unless you pay outrageous shipping costs.

The last time I went to Radio Shack, I was looking for a heat sink.

Spent most of the time trying to convince the person that I was not looking for heat shrink tubing and that I actually wanted something called a heat sink - they were pretty sure that such a thing didn’t exist.

I may go back and ask what they know about sardinos, just to see what they say.

As a rule I do not speak to RS employees except to say “No, thank you.” and “yes, that will be all. No, I do not want batteries with that.”

I too have been dissapointed on all my recent trips to RS. I usually leave empty handed.

A few months ago I received an email from RS announcing that they were going to start selling Arduino controllers and shields. According to the email, they had taken a customer survey, and a large number of respondants had requested that they start selling the Arduino parts.

It is really good news that they are actually going to sell them. It means that there is a relatively large demand for these devices, and that hopefully this will encourage RS to expand and deepen their stock of other devices and components.

My project finally got approved. Wish me luck bc if I win I’ll use the funds to donate electronics back to the community :slight_smile:

Looks great. Good luck!